Diablo corsa scrubs 120/70 190/55

Had these sitting around for the Mille but never got round to using them.

No puncher repairs

£60 collected or abit more for petrol to drop them round.

they are good tyres!

What do scrubs mean?
What % of legal thread is left in the tyres?

If you still have them by payday then I might have them off you :slight_smile:

Well I wouldn’t be selling them if they were bad.

I reckon about 3000/4000 miles on the road left in them depending on which bike and how you ride it.

Scrubs just means part worn. These were track tyres I had ready for the Mille but I’m not gonna use them.

Are they standard corsa’s or corsa 3’s?

Standard corsas from what I can see


??? why?

I’d guess because Conrad wants them but needs to put everyone off until payday comes around :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevermind, would have been interested if they were the III’s. Could still buy them and advertise them for sale roundabout when Conrad gets paid!:Whistling::smiley:

Oh no what did I do?

Sean, i have tried both and i personally love the original Corsa’s against the Corsa III. just my opinion.

if they were 120-180 i would have snapped them off him in no time. :smiley:


Just joking buddy! Always help to get a bit of traffic flowing on a ‘for sale’ thread… :cool:

Haha cheeky sod

they are actually called Diablo Rosso Corsa…

TBH I want 2ct/power pure or new power 3’s but the 07 R1 I had came with corsa 3’s as standard which were good but I just hate the Maxxis sh1te the last owner has put on my current R1 so would have swapped them over!

Well nit picking aside it’s there in the pictures

So if someone wants to actually buy a set of tyres ill let them go for £50 collected if not they’ll go up on eBay for £60 + postage

Is not that Corsa 3 are predecessor of corsa?


Shiv! I WILL heve them for 50. Just wait for pay day