Destination "Jo's" (Friday 31-8-2012)

Leaving Blackheath Tea Hut 8.30pm :smiley:

I would make the trip for this Rob and come and see you all but little sis and family are up on Sat so will have the pinny on and cleaning like a bitch!

yeah, will come down, haven’t been to this one since we went last time ^^

Im in never been before .

This sounds pretty cool. If I’m not forced to go out after work on Friday… I’ll be there :slight_smile:

I MIGHT go in the car, not worth risking a puncture in that estate, not in my nice big fat rear wheel :smiley:

This sounds good!

Iv never heard of it, me and afew friends are interested… Havent been to the teahut either…

Might have to kill 2 birds with one stone! (if we can tag along of course!)

Got excited for a moment, thought you were visiting Madame Jo-Jo`s.:angry:

The more the merrier Daws:D

COOL! hopefully we will see you there! Gonna have to find the teahut first! haha

(UNLESS… Anyone will be going to the teahut from North london)

Otherwise Il have to work it out



actually, me too :laugh:

I’m in.

a probable maybe;)

oh no I’m not:(

Anyone going from North London?

its easy peezy daws…jump on the 406…head for blackwall tunnel…go through that…and head for a sign that says blackheath…

cant miss it :smiley:


Daws I’ll meet you near the blackwall tunnel if you want and go from there?

I think I know where it is!

theres a few of us going to the teahut. leaving mine in about 20mins (ISH) so hopefully il be there ontime…

If you see a SV650 GSXR400 CBR600 & a GS500 looking lost, come and grab us :slight_smile:

Haha ok. See you there around half 8. Looks like there’s a fair few going :slight_smile:

Any good then?