Despite being tempted by the threat of a poking...

…from Da Artist, I’ve decided to post here!

Hello! I’m new! I’ve only been riding for about a year or so and I’m currently knocking around on a Suzuki GSR600 - (Baby B-King…)

I live and work in Cambridgeshire - but have a second home in Billericay… so I’m often found rattling around Essex.

I know it’s getting to the end of ‘the season’ but are there any meets or owt coming up?

Hey there, welcome to LB! What do you ride?

We have a monthly Newbie Meeting at the Ace Cafe you should come to, and a weekly meet at Cubana, in waterloo. You can find out more info in the ‘sticky’ threads in the ride-outs forum.

Post up a picture of your ride!


Hello and welcome Miss-ile

Welcome, and glad you’re on the look-out for Da lovely Artist (well I think he’s lovely, not met him yet, and even if he isn’t I wouldn’t want to put you off…)

Hope to meet you at the Ace on 6th Nov.

Hi and welcome to the LBs


nice one! Welcome to the site!

Hey you

welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



welcome to the site dude

welcome newbee