Desperately need someone's help on this one

Ok as some of you know it was my mums 50th at the weekend and I videoed the occasion, as I went to rewind the tape to view it the recorder chewed the tape…

Now I’m pretty certain that it is at the end of the tape which I can live with as all the important stuff is at the beginning.

Is there anyone on here who thinks they can sort this for me please? The tap is not snapped just caught at the moment, but if it snaps then I have no way whatsoever of getting the video onto a DVD for me mum.

Can any one help me?

P.S. I have included a pic so you can see what you will be dealing with.

Why not try asking the place that was going to do the transfer to DVD for you? they may have a suggestion.

no I was going to transfer it to dvd, I have the cables that going into my recordable dvd player

Just chop it out of the camera then splice the ends back together with tape. You’ll miss a few seconds of video. Make sure you unravel the stuck tape before using the camera.

I thought about this, but when I was younger back in the vcr days, this happened to a tape of mine… did the above and then destroyed 2 vcr’s (one of which was my brand new £200 one)

and don’t really want a repeat on the video camera… I mean if it is a last resort I will but I really want to try other means 1st.

If the damage is at the end of the tape, instead of fixing the break in the tape you could just reatatch the end to the roller in the cassette. Then theres no chance of damaging your player with sticky tape :cool: