Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Firstly, today me and my girlfriend had found out for definate that we’re going to have a lil baby! which we’re both really pleased about. However, this means I will have to get rid of the bike and buy a car, oh and maybe do my license same time!

Just thought I’d add a lil picture to touch your hearts, so please don’t make me give up biking lol… Anywho, I shall be selling my beloved 2006 Yamaha R6R with lil extras aswell so if anyone is interested let me know. Sale is NOT immediate!



Well congrats and commiserations !!

Mebbe Yamaha’ll buy it back from you since it doesn’t do what it says on the tin …

Hang on, you’re not old enough to know about the birds and the bees are you? Let alone drive an MPV LoL LoL

Bloody hell, I got 2 kids, and no car, wouldn’t sell my bike!! that’s what trains and buses are for. Also, why do you think kids are getting obese these days? cos everyone sell’s the bike and buys a bleeding car!! make 'em walk!!

Hennessy, congratulations! Though I agree with UT, why get rid of the bike?? You live your life as well mate, and without wanting to sound patronising, you’re still young mate, there’s so much wonderful two-wheeled things waiting for you! Biking is for life, wife and kids come and go, lol…

And yeah, kids should walk more, don’t contribute to school-run mayhem!

Let us know how it goes either way fella…

If you have to sell your bike, don’t give up on biking completely…do both, buy a ’ cheaper ’ four wheeled motor and a ’ cheaper ’ bike that way you have the best of both worlds.

Anyway congrats about the sprog’

Wow, congrats mate! Just name the baby Yzf and you’ll have the best of both worlds Seriously though, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make time for the bike too - there’s room for both!

Congrats. Hope it’s a Ducati

Congratulations hennessy, but don’t give up the bike though, you will live to regret it, do more overtime, wheel and deal, sell ya mum, just don’t give up such a nice bike.

I know what your all trying to say and thanks for the replies, it’s hard as I need to buy a car and I’m not one to settle for cheap meaningless motors. The car will be so much easier for Jodie, the baby and I to get about as now we have to get a new place. Also I don’t want Jodie fearing everytime I go out whether I’ll come back in one piece or not, I know you could die falling out of bed but the probability is in great differ.

I will get another bike, but I think a car will be the best solution for my family! I am young, and I’ve got a lot of years ahead to think about things…

Good idea Neil, I might just try and sell my mum!



Congrats on the baby! Thats gr8 news.

But im sad to say i agree with u, get rid of the bike. Geting a car is a definate for when jodie starts to show, u dont want her to be getting the bus when she is full on pregnant do u…Enjoy the summer with ure bike then sell it nearing the end and get a good family car…golf would be my choice!

At the end of the day ure not giving up biking for ever, bikers arent going anywhere, and once ure in a more stable financial situation then get another bike and become a more active member of biking again

Good luck mate, take it ez

Nice one mate congrats. Selling the bike Fair one dude make sure you buy another at the earliest opportunity!

Thanks Anil man, obviously I’m not guna be quitting biking, I’ll still be down Ace and I’ll still come out on rides and stuff just not with my bike. I’ve got til August when my insurance runs out to get my license sorted and get a car, then maybe after xmas think about getting another bike!

I want a Peugoet 206 GTi 180 in black

Thanks Terry, us lot should go out for a drink again soon enough man, I’m sure Andrew, Chris will be up for it. Maybe some others, Jay and Tasha if your up for it?


mate,congrats on the babs…i understand about you needing to get a car.

i have a solution,why dont you take loads of pics of your bike and put them in an album…

make sure you have a really happy look on your mug the whole time…

then when ur sprog gets older say…teenage,and you get the…“you dont care about me”!!! malarky…you can present the album to her/him and say…umm…excuse me?

just a thought of some pre planning there mate…you’ll be back on 2 wheels in no time…

p.s. when ur in ur mpv on the school run can you do me a favour, and get outta my way…!!!lolololol

all the best to you and the mum to be mate…


I have soo many inappropriate comments right now… so hard to hold back…

about 237th on the list of comments was

“I know a nice safe cg125 for £50”

Thanks “Smiled”, although I’m not moving out the way for you, why else would you buy an MVP then to block the roads and cause congestion!

Steve, in hysterics ha ha, if I wanted a cheap/shit bike to run I’d buy a Honda CBF600 But I think I’d rather settle for that CG125!



Nice one D.

Steve, don’t take that lying down man!!

well done you and Mrs H!!

Ahahahaha “Mrs H”.

You gotta be joking Porky man, he barely knows her last name. LoL LoL

Sorry, D I know that’s not true. I’m sure you can hear the sound of a shotgun being loaded as we speak.

Remember to invite us to the bash!!

no I can’t.

He gets upset when I take it too far, I will let him rue-the-day… there were 236 other comments worse than that one. Just trying to be nice.

Go on, you could give them to us in installments…

How come they’re letting you surf the net? Thought you were keeping your bike a secret?