Desperate request for another biker

Just checked my policy also , same wording but under a little exclusion !

  1. Limitation as to Use:

The Policyholder may also drive a motorcycle not belonging to him/her and not
hired to him/her under a hire purchase or leasing agreement, as long as the
Policyholder has the owner’s permission to drive it and provided that the
Policyholder is not in the motor trade of car hire business.
Use for social, domestic & pleasure purposes.
Use for travelling to and from a permanent place of business.
Where the driving other vehicles extension is shown under section 5 of this certificate of insurance, this policy does not cover
use to secure the release of a motor vehicle, not otherwise specifically the subject of insurance by the policy, which has been
seized by, or on behalf of, any government or public authority.

But surely all the had to do was run the reg, see the tax was current and give you a bollocking for not putting the new disc in, would have to be a right git to seize the bike just for that.

Was there anything wrong with the bike that they pointed out, they can seize the bike for a prohibition if its got dodgy brakes or tyres or something. I’m gobsmacked they’d seize a bike just for that especially considering most bikes cost under a hundred quid a year to tax.

This sounds really strange to me though can’t say it’s ever happened personally!

Why dont u call your insurance company and find out what the deal is. The y would be able to offer you some sort of advice I’m sure.
I know I’m not covered to ride any other bikes although I’m fully comp. I am off 2morrow with not alot to do so I don’t mind going with you if your really stuck. Not sure how I’d be able to help though :ermm:

Sounds like it would be safer to look for someone with a van to help.

Or, if I was being cynical, is it in the best interests of the coppers to issue a £30 or £60 fixed penalty or whatever it is at the roadside, or is it better to seize the vehicle, store it for a few days then get about £450 in charges to bolster their budget.

I’m sure there used to be someone on here who worked in one of the pounds seized vehicles are taken to, maybe the 1 by Chelsea harbour, can’t remember who it was though.

Ok… but what drew their attention to your bike in the first place to notice your out of date tax disc?

I don’t think dissecting why they did it at this point is really helping, the guy just wants his bike back!!

Sit down and take a few deep breaths. Calm the panic and then go down to your nearest Police Station and get them to explain exactly what the situation is and what you need to do. Take a note of the name and number of whoever you speak to.

But you have confused me though. I always thought that as long as you are legal (and all your details show as correct on their ANPR system), then not displaying a valid tax disk was just a fine and doesn’t warrant having your bike impounded? Are you really, really sure you’re totally legal?

Sh…, if I’m wrong, guess what I’m going to be doing with my 'disk first thing tomorrow :Whistling:

Speaking for myself… I think that’s most important part!!

Thats what I’m thinking Janey, maybe the tug was initially for the tax disc, but when they checked their details which according to them shows the op as only having a CBT, then things take a turn for the worse, cos its no insurance and a definite vehicle seizure.

Yeh I knew I’d get shot down for that one! There is clearly something else wrong as I don’t display my current tax disc along with the rest of LB most probably! :w00t:

Car tax rules

Every vehicle registered in the United Kingdom (UK) must be taxed if used or kept on a public road. If the vehicle is kept off-road it must either be taxed or have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) in force. If not it could be wheel clamped or removed.
Tax your vehicle
To tax your vehicle you’ll need:
a completed V11 reminder or V10 ‘Application for a tax disc’
your registration certificate (V5C) or New Keeper section, if using a V10
a completed V62 ‘Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C’, if you don’t have a registration certificate
an MOT test certificate (if your car or motorcycle is over three years old)
insurance that covers you against third party claims for death or injury and damage to property caused by using the vehicle
the payment for vehicle tax (not needed if your vehicle is exempt from paying vehicle tax)
A Northern Ireland registered vehicle can’t be taxed in England, Scotland or Wales.

How to tax your vehicle
Displaying your tax disc
Your vehicle tax disc must be displayed on the passenger side (kerb side) of the vehicle’s windscreen. If there’s no windscreen or you have a motorcycle or sidecar, you should display the tax disc on the kerb side of the vehicle.
A current tax disc must be displayed on the vehicle it was bought for. If you buy a new tax disc before your current tax disc expires, you should not display the new one until the old one has expired. The new tax disc is only valid from the first day of the month you have taxed from. The maximum penalty for failure to display a current tax disc is £200. The tax disc can not be transferred between vehicles.
If you use the electronic vehicle licensing service or tax by post at the end of the month, there’s now an exemption for not displaying a tax disc. This exemption covers the first five working days of the month to allow time for the new disc to arrive in the post. While you are still waiting for your tax disc you will need to display your current tax disc. The exemption only applies if applications are made before the current tax disc or SORN expires.

Have you complied with all of the above? You get grace for 5 days to display your tax disc and you were unlucky to get yours lifted on the 6th.

From the above, if your bike is taxed but you failed to display, the maximum fine is £200 …

sounds like,failling to display tax ( ticket ) and ’ not in accordance with a licence’ (seizure) if there is a believed problem with his CBT/licence.

[email protected]:D

PM sent.:slight_smile:

Yeah it was that as stated above. I didn’t have my licence on me and it was showing incorrect information on their computer, it said all they had on record was a CBT done in 2008 which was no longer valid. I didn’t even do a CBT in 2008.

The only CBT’s I’ve done is in 2001, 2007 and 2009. I wasn’t carrying any paperwork to back this up.

I was wondering if it’s possible just to get my mate underwritten to pick up the motorcycle in a van? It does not say that it needs to be underwritten to ride away, just underwritten to collect.

JudgeJools works there I think, get on to her sooner rather than later IMO

Actually, I remember this from a couple of years ago on Watchdog:

Could you send me a copy :smiley:

Here is all the documents I have regarding my licence:

v_bztard (06/07/2011)

Here is all the documents I have regarding my licence:[/quote]

Read your PM!