Desperate request for another biker

Hi, this is a bit of stab in the dark as I don’t know many people on here personally but I’m in a total rut. Earlier today I had my motorbike seized for failing to display my tax disc and not having my drivers licence on me. It’s been taken to a lock up in west London.

In order to pick it up I have to present my drivers licence, insurance documents and V5 documents. I have my V5 insurance documents but I can’t for the life of me find my *drivers licence. * I recently moved and half my stuff is in boxes. I’ve been looking all over the place but I can’t find it, i incorrectly assumed all these were in the same place but I can’t find them

I’m due to pay £150 fine, plus £20 for every day it’s not collected then eventually they’ll either scrap or sell the bike off to pay for the payments.

I’m royally , I’m broke already as it is. It’ll take more than the 14 days to get my licence back, so they’ll end up scrapping my motorbike.

I was just wondering with a desperate plea is there * *anyone [/b ]out there who could help me get my bike back? I just need someone with a full bike licence and current valid insurance to ride other bikes.

I’ll give you the £20 it’d cost me to leave it there another day. I’m desperate, I’m not in a good financial position at the moment and this’ll really ruin me or cause me to lose my motorbike. Is there anyone out there with a heart of gold and eager to earn £20 in west london?

If seriously interested I can give you the details via PM.

seized for failing to display the tax disc ? i thought they only did that for no insurance…

I could help.

My insurance docs say…

the policy holder may ride a motorcycle not belonging to them or hired to them under a hire purchase agreement, with the owners permission, on a 3rd only party only basis.

If thats what ya looking for then no probs. I’m north london though :wink:

I havent displayed my tax ever. I also didnt think that was good enough reason to take your bike. Surely they can check these things on their systems…nevertheless I might take it off my noticeboard and put it under my seat.
I cant help you though as I surrendered my license at a police station 5 weeks ago and am still waiting to get it back
Good luck

Check the wording carefully, I’m pretty sure on my policy, it says allowed to ride other bikes, but there’s an exclusion if the bike has been seized.

what i wrote is all that is said in my document :slight_smile: word for word.

So does that mean that I can’t get anyone else to take my motorcycle away?

Yep, “The policy holder is also insured to ride with the owners consent any motorcycle not belonging to him/her and not hired to him/her under a hire purchase or lease agreement and provided that the motorcycle is being used within the limitations listed below. This cover is restricted to third party liability only. EXCLUDING use to secure the release of a motor vehicle(s), other than the vehicle(s) identified above by its registration mark, which has been seized by, or on behalf of, any government or public authority.”

Think they closed this little loophole a couple of years ago, I’d imagine most policies would have similar wording.

Still seems a bit harsh though, they can check your tax, MOT and insurance instantly through their computer systems, so seizing the bike seems particularly heavy handed, especially considering they probably knew you were legit.

I’ve never displayed a taxdisc, even a copper once told me not to, but to laminate it and carry it with your license in your wallet.

Jaime has offered to help

can someone get it out and then you drive it home?? Can you get clarificationon the rules about who can get it released??

I could do something Friday morning possibly if Jamie isn’t able to help you out.

PS: Good fella Jamie… always seems to be willing to lend a hand in these situations! *thumbs up! :wink:

The info they had was all wrong, they said I only had a CBT from 2008, I never even took in CBT in 2008. I have however found some of my information. I have found my pass for the modules, a CBT from 2009 and my written counter-part.

If I surrender these into a police station how am I supposed to collect my bike? I was told I need have all these when I go to pick it up.

I haven’t a clue as what to do.

They shouldn’t have taken the bike if it’s taxed. I had my disc stolen recently and phoned the local bike-lifting company who told me they cannot take the bike if it is taxed and that they have to check first.

If you have to surrender it then cant you make a copy and have the coppers authenticate it with a stamp and a letter? :slight_smile:

My licence also isn’t for my current address, I moved recently and it’s for my old address. I have to submit it in with a change of address to get it back.

I read through some of the details on the back of the slip and I might not be covered to pick it up. Apparently they contact the insurance company and ask for expressed permission for anyone picking up the bike, including me. If a third party comes to pick up the bike apparently you need a letter from the underwriters that someone else has expressed permission to pick up the bike.

Jesus wept it’s like a spider’s web!

start jumping through the hoops mate :w00t::crazy:

Has anyone else been in this situation before? Do they just phone up the insurance company and say “Is this guy okay to ride home?” Or do I need to give anything else?

I know a guy I used to work with had a similar problem, his Hornet was seized, difference was he genuinely hadn’t passed his test (or he’d been banned and hadn’t bothered taking the retest, can’t remember) But he couldn’t get his bike because he had no license and when he offered to have it collected by van they still wouldn’t allow it as the bike still had no insurance, which he couldn’t get anyway cos he didn’t have full license. It was crushed in the end.

If I was you, I’d nip down to your local cop shop, have a chat, explain things and get some answers straight from the horses mouth, only way to put your mind at rest.

Just out of interest, who was it who seized your bike, the cops or one of those Redcorn vans roaming the West End.

Shit man, is there any service a garage or something can offer?

What drew there attention to your bike in the first place?.. How did it happen?

Out of date tax disc still in holder.