Desmo ouch !!

Any ideas what is hanging on the front between the cowl and the mudguard of the Duc ?



That’s gonna smart, and cost some. :pinch:

Is that in the UK? if so, is the car facing the wrong way?!

It looks like Europe some were, judging by the plate on the Focus (left of downed Desmo). However, can’t make it out.

Correct. It is in Italy. Any ideas yet about what is that on the front of the bike?:wink:

It looks like an impact paint residue to me - maybe including a sliver of fairing.

Lots of foreign cars in London - including ones with plates in Arabic… but I agree it looks Italian because the driver actually appears to have stopped, the gates don’t look security conscious enough to be London (i.e. you can see through them) and the bloke standing in the background with the tight fitting jeans and trainers just ‘looks’ Italian from his style :wink:

ouch! no idea whats hanging on the front mudguard but it looks orange and stringy…

hehe could be pizza…so does Dim know the story?

Front brake hoses ??


A guy from the Ducati factory chose to borrow the Desmo instead of his vehicle to go and pick up lunch for him and some of his colleagues and this is what happened!! An expensive lesson indeed!

This story was published by Motorcyclist magazine and written by journalist Alan Cathcart.

Well Done !

remains of a disk lock?

lol ouch! expensive indeed. but did he get a slice?

I think this is in Italy, not too far from the factory. Supposed to be a test rider, or someone out for a pizza :slight_smile:

Hehe all the clues where there I guess :slight_smile: wondered how it got there…was he carrying the pizza on top of the front mudguard, or maybe on the tank of the bike, and on impact slid off, hit the bumper of the car and then slid back onto the front mudguard…

Holy cow, that’s a crime against bikes!

… and pizza!

and a very good reason not to borrow the company vehicle for quick run to shop

For a bonus point…

What topping was on the pizza :slight_smile:

It had to have been ‘Pepperoni’…please say in the bouncy Italian way they do :wink:

Typically Itallian… using a Ducati as a Pizza delivery bike!! As with alot of stuff Itallian, looks great but not very practical :smiley: