Desktop pc for sale, £150

desktop pc for sale, running windows xp, just under 1 g ram and 80g hard drive.17" flat screen, separate speakers all there to go, keyboard and mouse, can have webcam if ya want it? lol

went tits up a while back and sleeper/carl off here rebooted and sorted for me a treat, runs fine now.

was keeping it but now the dog needs a £700 op so finding any cash we can.

all running here to see if any1 interested to come look/try.

£150, i am in se london se16.




lol saw the pick 1st and thought hmmm that looks familiar.

Solid build that everyone I know who rebuilt it :w00t:

lol, was planning on keeping it but as said dog needs op.

sorry to hear about the dog chop… :frowning:

cheers m8, he ok now, had a lump nr his arse had it cut off and had his nuts off same time, bit of dental work too.