Desktop Background

Ok, who’s got what on their desktop background pic?..

mines a K6 1000, knee down on a bend.

Would be good to see how many people have a bike related pic or family pic, etc…

Whats yours?

Picture of Flatout on his R1

Urban tiger blade.

A pic of my 1 year old son sitting on my SV

It’s had changes since this photo was taken, the Scorpion can is off and a Yoshi in it’s place.

Here’s my work desktop. Ah, such beauty



I have this pic taken in Amsterdam


Kate Beckinsale from Underworld II




I’m liking that…I’m at work so can’t post pic of my background but it’s of the same colour AT as mine fording a river - quickly…

Have my digital TV card running in the background so can watch telly while I’m working


Watching what for Pete’s sake? Are you addicted to daytime TV ?


Is it just me or is everyone curious what programs are on people’s desktops etc ?

lol…yeah was thinking the same thing.

My dog

ps. not sure if this will work as not posted an attachment before.

Damn. Oh well.

me lol



nice pic stewboy

Aye good to see you back Stewboy. Hopefully that won’t cause the lengthy lectures you got last time hahahaha remember ? LoL

Think we’ve unclenched a little nowadays…

I get subjected to day-time telly at work, it’s bloody awful! I work for a TV-related company…

My desktop background is of my next bike.

This is mine- hopefullymy next bike!


Black 2007 R1.jpg