Deposit down on a CBR1000RR6

Well, after a very happy time spent on the ZX636 I’ve taken the plunge and put a deposit down on a used mint 2006 Fireblade. Dealer gave me a good price for the Ninja but even if he hadn’t I was already smitten with the Honda! Then came the part I was dreading, phoning around for some insurance quotes. Average price came out at about £1800! I pay £365 for the ZX so to say I was shocked is an understatement. :w00t:I did expect a hike but not that by that much, Hey ho, needs must and all that so the big phone around continues. :D:D


nice :wink:

She looks a beauty!! Good find!

Ooooo, very nice and in the best colour, enjoy it! :smiley:

Very nice:cool:

One of the last of the good looking Blades;)

Enjoy :smiley:

Oh and another thing that sold it to me was the fact it has just 1400 miles on the clock:w00t:, it really is like new !!

Ha ha i knew you would do it lol:P you talked yourself into by wednesday night:D

Nice looking bike now just be careful those points don’t start appearing on your license:w00t::wink:


Very nice, I always liked that model blade … enjoy

They look gorgeous in black – you’ll enjoy every second on her for they are an awesome bike.

That is exactly the same colour and year bike that was stolen from me in Canary Wharf!!! As per my avatar.

Make sure you have a tracker on it. :slight_smile:

PS…Try Honda insurance, they gave me a great rate… much less than that!

Lovely bike (even though it ain’t a kwak!) hope you find a more sensible insurance quote!

Lovely bike! Try the online quote websites too … I get mine online the cheapest all the time!

Sorry Marklid, after convincing you that a ZX636 was the way to go i lost my way and found the 'Blade!! :blush:

Try insurance comparison tool.

Saved £200 using that to insure my GSX-R 1000.

Very nice. Insurance is way over what you’ll find I reckon.

The blade looks nice! :smiley:

How much did you trade in the 636 for? how much mileage had you done on it and what year was it?