Dent in Exhaust

Does anyone know of a place where I can get a 3 inch dent removed from my exhaust?

This was caused, by the way, this morning on my way in to the city when a lycra clad cyclist decided to jump a set of lights and plough in to the side of my bike - TW*T!!!

Mind you, I mustn’t complain too much - I get a dent, he gets a twisted racing bike and many nasty looking grazes…

Does it have rivets that hold the end caps on? If so, you can do it yourself (or one of us can help you).

A pic would help?

It does…

The arrow in the picture points to where the dent is but actually on the can on the left side of the bike.

The dent is about 2 inches long.




Nice bike!

What you need to do is to drill out the rivets, then take the end cap & internals out (a perforated tube and some packing material). You can then use a small ballpene hammer to tap the dent out (with the can on a firm but soft surface i.e. rubber matting would work well). Then just put it all back together and rivet the end cap back on.

Shouldn’t that read “he gets a twisted racing bike, many nasty looking grazes & the bill for a new Akrapovic exhaust can…” ?

Blimey!! Thanks for the advice. However, I’m completely useless - do you know of a company who I could pay to do this, please?

I am sure there are a number of firms who would do it but charge a lot. If you own a drill and drill bits you can get the end cap off the can easlily, just TAKE CARE and do it slowly. If you dont have one go to and buy a rubber mallet and a riveter (£2-3 pounds and c£3 for riverter) and do it yourself. GENTLY tap the inside of the can with a hammer (ballpeen (rounded end) hammer) with the rubber mallet on the outside and GENTLY bring it back to shape. Rub the area down bith a brillo pad in the direction of the grain (the exhaust is extruded so there are lines that run from front to back of the exhaust) and this will blend it in.

Changing the subject, I take it you didnt get the cyclists details. ALWAYS get their details because the chances are when you are still in shock after the twat has bounced off your fender that you wont check for damage (to your bike, not him).

PM me if you need more info

Thanks guys. I’ll break my non-DIY (due to historic f*ck-ups) rule and give it a go.

I didn’t bother stopping, one because I would’ve probably stamped on the cyclist, and two because as they don’t have even 3rd party insurance I didn’t see the point.

Had I stopped and seen the dent I definitely would’ve “finished the job”.

Lots of the little buggers have home insurance, you can claim off that.

Can you find this out without asking the cyclist who would probably lie?

hi there if you give me a call on 01628510011 ask for steve and bring it down to our workshop we’ll do it for a drink? wouldn’t ues a ball pane hamer my guy uses his fingers (but he has forarm’s arnie would die for) it can leave dents if you get to excited? cheers

Top bloke! What a nice bunch the LBers are!

(Don’t suppose your blokes can weld rusty exhausts after eating a couple of extra strong mints as well, can they?)