Denali Sound Bomb

Thinking of getting one of these - maybe not the 120 db one, but the smaller 113 db? Seems MOT compliant -

You can’t beat a good horn, loud exhausts work most of the time, but a quick toot on a horn gets the rest of them.

Be interested what you think of the mini one if you get it.

Would find it difficult to mount it on the Blade due to space restrictions.

If you want to be heard get the 120Db

I’ve now have a little Stebel on the 250 and whilst its louder with a deeper tone than the original equipment its nowhere near as loud nor does it have the presence of the 120Db two tone horns I had on the Bonne’. (rattle canned mine all black)

In the past I’ve checked MOT requirements and the Construction and Use Regulations and found no reference to loudness. Seems to me if the horn is electrically powered, emitting a constant tone and is loud enough to be heard it complies.

Then again, what do I know? Someone will be along shortly with a source and reference to the contrary.

It looks almost identical to the Stebel Nautilus - has it just been rebranded?!

Either way, if it’s anything like the Stebel, it’s an essential upgrade. It really works, people really notice you and I’ve avoided so many SMIDSY’s and idiots swapping lanes in front of me. See my blog:

The Stebel is a claimed 140dB, but it really isn’t that anti-social. MOT test has no upper limit on loudness, just a lower limit. Do wire it to battery via a relay though, else it’ll be really quiet. The Stebel Nautilus can be split in half too, mine came with a pipe to link the two halves is required. Anyway, here’s the Stebel kit on ebay £32 delivered with relay, wires and crimps. Just need to fashion yourself a bracket.

Remember that the Stebel Magnum you can probably just do a straight swap, the Nautilus and similar you’d may have to put in a relay and new wiring as they do pull more amps than the standard wiring can cope with.

So the Soundbomb mini doesn’t need a relay?

yes exactly

Bought a mini one, so watch out London, hear me bip.

The mini is louder and lower than stock. I now parp as opposed to bip. I’m parked at bank end today if you want a listen/laugh…

if you’re near bank you should come over to the meet at borough market this evening

Closest I’ve made it to BM meet, parked round the corner working til midnight!