demon tweeks mail order

im thinking about ordering a new helmet from demon tweeks has anyone used these before if so what are they like!

im worried about the postage because the helmet might get damaged in transit like some one dropping it or something!
dont wanna put my head in the hands of a twit!
i just need some advice on what to do!

I have used Demon Tweeks in the past with great success. Recently, however, I ordered some CRG levers from them to be told it would take a week. At the end of the week I called them to be told it could be another week or even two but they did not know. They had also charged me at the time of the order. I therefore cancelled the order.

That is one aspect to consider, the other one is that I too would not order a helmet through the post. Whatever one’s rights are should the helmet be damaged, I do not want the hassle of sorting it out should it need to be.

I would go to Hein Gericke, they have always looked after me well and are priced well.

Rex Judd do you a good deal too.

PM 220 Egypt

cheers grim,give me a ring tomorrow or check out our ebay look up stuff being sold by ccbuzzer