demand for crossing

Greetings to all from Italy and more precisely by me (Fabio)In 2012 it was one of my dreams come true (which I think that of all the riders and fans) and that is to go on 'to see the Isle of Man TT live.Unfortunately, the tickets for the ferry to bring all parties on the island at that time had long been exhausted.So I opted for the Southern 100 that you always run on the island but in July, having found tickets for the ferry.At this point, you think I should also book tickets for the crossing from France to 'England, or not seen the daily movement that exists on both ports?P: S: (I Scrio all this with the help of google translator)thanks

get the channel tunnel

:rolleyes:Thanks Conrad but is too expensive.

I contact you for installation.


If you’re looking for best price then you should book a ferry in advance

The channel tunnel is more expensive, but also a lot quicker and more reliable

Hopefully google translate makes sense of this!

Ok Thanks, I’ll think the best solution and I will look for money.Thank you again.Hello Fabio

yes, buy the tickets in advance…

god that is hard to udnerstand!