Hi all just like to share with you my first day in Delhi
Popped over to Delhi for a bit of R and R
A good nights sleep and a walk down to the locale market for a look around
Only to find the scam of throwing dog poop on your shoes so the shoe shine boy can clean it off
My altar ego pin had to explain where my foot would end up if he moved towards me


That’s so funny

make the shoe boy lick it off your boot.

that would have them thinking twice next time.


Thats appalling desperation :frowning:

I remember visiting Turkey and whilst in Istanbul, the shoe shine guy outside the blue mosque was itching to shine my shoes. I kept explaining that I didnt need (or want) shiny shoes (a pair of trekking Merrells in beige). I admired his tenacity, but I had to explain to the guy that the shoes were constructed from pig leather! Jeez, he was severely unimpressed! :ermm:

Errr, are you sure the poop came from a dog? :laugh:

Hi all
I’m still in indian moved on from Delhi
Now in Jaipur driving in London is a walk in the park after this place
So far and have to admit it did make me laugh the driver had two push bikes of so far
Pot holes you have to drive around ,There is no right side of the road most of the time it’s like going down a one way street the wrong way
As for u turns I just closed my eyes
But if anyone was thinking of going to india you will not be disappointed and I will be putting it on the list to visit again

India -

Cool, thanks Pin :smiley:

Yep that sums it up. Rixxy

this was good, london cab driver in mumbai

he too said london traffic at its worst is a walk in the park

Sorry no, that’s a competent, albeit aggressive and risky, marketing strategy in a tough economic climate. The hardened customer is not affected but everyone knows most of the general public is thick enough to buy a schill… even one forced on them…