Deletling from deleted?

how the hell do I clear my deleted box? only my PM box now has 712 read messages and it is annoying…

Go to the Empty PM box and tick the box (deleted one) that you want to clear … et Voila :smiley:

How can you get them into the “delete” box in the first place? (if you want to delete some but not all)

Select the pms you want to get rid of by ticking the box next to them, then scroll to the very bottom of the inbox page there is a drop down box that allows you to select where to move selected items to then go to the empty pm tab and do as said before :smiley:

will give that a try got loads of pms :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Trisckie - been trying to work that out for ages.:slight_smile:

(We haven’t seen you for ages - are you going to the Christmas party?) xx

Still about, and should be at the DO, hope to see you there :smiley:

thankyou… my box is now down to a respectable 3