Deja Vu

Okay so am bored again at work reading MCN when I come across that really ugly new CBR600RR’‘Pig Ugly’’ thing and then I remember I’ve seen something that ugly before…the Gilera 600 prototype! Man not only is the new CBR600RR the ugliest bike you can buy…but its not even original! Just another Jap copy!



Looks like the love child of a RSV and a 999

That Gilera looks great compared to the Honda ntv600

Now see your confused…thats actually the latest CBR600RR ‘‘Pig Face’’ with the fairing off…cant you see the 22,000,000,000,000,000 changes that they have made to make it SO ugly

Now where have I seen that so called ‘‘NEW’’ exhaust before…oh yeah GSXR’s how original!

thank god they didnt put that thing into production! imagine having it sat in the window!! it makes the mp3 look sexy! ha ha

HAHAHAHA…nah they just sold the whole lot to Honda for a tidy proft!

i do think the new tiger 1050 looks the part though very sexy!

can’t wait to give it a go… I need a new everyday bike and I sold my 04 tiger…
the Daytona with diablo supercorsa pro on is not the best to lean in the wet (no treads…)

i nearly bought a tiger 955i before the fazer, i still want one eventually! but my fazer does me fine for now…