a mate of mine – no really, it’s not me – had a rubbish night with crying kids and ended up puting deisel in his scooter rather than unleaded. conked out 300 metres down the road. he’s in the market for tips to fix this, or is it just buggered. as always, wishing i was more mechanically minded.

Drain the tank, wash it out, see if you can wash out the carb if it has one, then start it, should be OK. It won’t have done any harm to the engine. Might need to change the spark plug after it’s all been cleaned out.

cheers, i’ll pass that on.

Better to put diesel in a petrol engine than the other way round.

Almost certainly wont have done any damage. It just stopped due to getting this foul oil stuff into an engine not designed to run on the sh*t.

Advice as above plus DO change the plug, and refill with super unleaded. That way the bit of diesel you missed will only knock back the octane rating to standard unleaded. Keep using the super unleaded for a couple of fill ups to make sure the system is well flushed through.


thanks for the replies. day got worse for my mate because he got caught in prague’s biggest storm this year while pushing the bike home. had to put his helmet on it was so bad and was on a stretch of road without shelter.