Definintion of a street fighter?

Is a street fighter bike a sports bike thats been down the road and all panels stripped, upright bars and aggressive? if thats the case what is mine classed as. was having a chat with a guy who has a z1000 and says its a streetfighter?


i guess there are two types…

sportsbikes that for whatever reasons have all the fairings removed and are naked

and factory streetfighters that bike makers have been producing (usually based on sportsbike engine/chassi) to piggy back on the trend (nakeds)

then again you can streetfight (mod further) a naked so is that a streetfight-fighter? :hehe:

:ermm: What about those louts on Booze Britain?

the guys on booze britiain aint no streets fighters more like windmill fighters lol


if were talking about your fz1 thing then that is a fz1, simple as that.
a streetfighter has to have at least something done to it and about if been a sports bike thats been down the road with plastics off then thats a load of b0ll0x too.
the original streetfighters mag number 1 which i still have had nothing of the sort it in they were more like aggressive looking chops instead of apes it had drag bars and was lowered instead of longer forks etc, more like a drag bike for the road.
streetfighter is different for every1 some feel it has to modified a lot but some dont and i feel if you change your bike to suit you ot fancy it looking different then you can call it wot you want.
my bike is not much different to a b12 standard but even if i put a different front end on it or summat i will still say its a b12.

also if the z1000 is standard then that aint a streetfighter too its a z1000 :smiley:

it at least has to look a bit different to the standard model and i dont care wot garret says too, lol

it’s whatever you want it to be, labels are for people who want to categorise things to make money, BS or brag to their mates

Nice bike, I would call it unfaired monster…?

I was contemplating the CB1000R but werent keen on the lack of freshly cleaned and polished plastics for the bugs to splat on! :hehe:

lol, wasted too many hours of my youth streetfighting :smiley: