Defence against gun attack

I do wonder about you Afro, what were you searching for to find that:w00t:

Desert Eagle videos actually :laugh:

One way to eliminate bike thieves :hehe:

lol. dunno where to start with this one.

  1. easy to practice with plastic guns that don’t go boom
  2. anyone that points a gun in that sort of range is a wally
  3. the other guy doesn’t even react when the gun’s grabbed

if they really wanted to illustrate how good they are they should’ve used a paintball gun and the other guy should’ve resisted rather than give it up. there again that may not have made their technique look so effective :smiley:

(IMO) :slight_smile:

LOL ,works perfectly when the guy doesnt have his finger through the trigger guard and when locked doesnt move or use the left hand !

can we not forget that all those methods are mostly to defend yourself in America… And the reason why the location is so important is that this is a place with a lot of hand weapons on the hand of untrained people… Most of them high on a thing or an other.
Those are not defenses against a pro that wanna end your life because short of shear luck or you being a Hollywood movie hero, there is no defense again that…
This said, properly executed (and that do mean lightning fast as well as controlled) this happen to be a very efficient way to go about it

krav maga is a self defence technique from the israeli special forces so it kinda is designed to deal with people who know how to operate a gun (ie. enemy soldiers). unfortunately there’s plenty of jerk-offs (like on that video) going round giving it a bad name. like a very large percentage of martial arts ‘experts’.

but yes agreed. by an expert in krav maga it is a very effective way of disarming a weapon. as is all of the disarm techniques. unfortunately you’ll have to train a lot and for a very long time to get good enough to use it effectively (like all martial arts).

it’s just sad to see sh:t like this put on youtube and put across in a ‘you can learn this’ kind of manor (not by OP). it’s gonna end in tears 99.9% of the time.

Actually, this is a very effective method (one of many) of taking a pistol off an assailant. As has been mentioned, it takes a lot of practice to perfect these methods to the point where it becomes muscle-memory. I’ve been trained in a fair few different methods of taking a weapon off someone, whether it be a gun/knife/sword or even just the run of the mill bottle etc… In a few instances I have had to use these methods for real. However, I wouldn’t recommend trying these things if you haven’t been trained properly, or have not perfected the technique.

Also, Krav-Maga is actually a lot easier to practice than most people realise. It isn’t like most martial arts, where you are taught certain structured responses to attack and defence. Krav-Maga is more of a free for all, anything goes, brawl in comparison. It relies on the user being able to adapt to any situation, and maximise the potential and surprise of attacking when an enemy/assailant thinks they have the control over the situation. It’s like the classic reaction to an ambush. The last thing the ambushers expect, is the very thing that the British Forces are told to do… Turn towards the ambush and attack with every bit of aggression and speed you can muster! :wink:

Lastly, the reason the guy is not putting his finger on the trigger during the training scenario is that, if he did, he would likely end up with his trigger finger being broken by the trigger guard, which is an intended part of the technique! :wink:

the reason the guy’s not putting his finger on the trigger is coz it’s a plastic gun :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a realistic training aid! :wink:

It has to look as fake as possible, but it is the same dimensions and weight of the real thing.

lol. but it doesn’t use bullets! not realistic at all! any old tom could disarm a water pistol :hehe:

we used to use rubber knives in training to learn disarm techniques. thought we did quite well til we switched to marker pens. they leave marks where you would’ve got cut whilst in the mix. changes your perspective quite a lot!

i wanna see krav maga disarm with paintball guns. then we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

not knocking the style though. i know it’s very effective and have the utmost respect :slight_smile:

Fair play! It’s not like having a real gun thrust in your face! :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I’ve yet to hear of a course willing to teach you these techniques using real ammo! :wink:

Personaly, I’d rather take my chances with the technique than let some little hoodie thug wannabe have the control over the situation! And I’m speaking from experience here! In the last 13 years of my life, I’ve been shot at, stabbed (went across the front of my vest thankfully!) petrol bombed etc… Still here to tell the tale though! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to see the paintball thing as well! Tried the pen thing. Very effective! But you would expect to have a few slices after an altercation! :wink:

try that method on this mofo :smiley:


are you police? army? fair play for having the nuts to be willing to try it. i’d give it up if a gun was involved. no question. as long as it was materialistic demands i’d be passive. if you did disarm him and break his arm etc you’d only end up getting prosecuted for it :hehe:

a few slices? maybe if you’re a little bit sloppy :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

:cool: looks like he’s just as quick with a knife and fork too :wink:

:Dthink his belly acts like a coiled spring to flick the gun up:hehe:

I’m ex British Army, ex Bodyguard, now a serving copper in the Met… :wink:

I don’t know about sloppy? :stuck_out_tongue: Chances are, if you’re dealing with a knife fight and you go into it scared of getting a few slices, you’re prone to hesitation, which is the biggest killer! :wink:

I’m quite confident that if somebody attacks me from within 10ft, I have a better than good chance of dis-arming them. Been there and done it! :wink:

East end of London working on the doors, I always wore my bullet proof vest and a pair of kevlar anti-slash/stab gloves. Saved me on a few occasions!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

even against a luminous yellow water pistol? :smiley:

most of that is wing chun techniques along with a few other martial arts thrown in but that’s basically what krav maga is. a bit of a few different martial arts with all the spiritual stuff taken out. it’s cool but to me martial arts is more than just beating someone up.

go to 0:50 in that video and tell me the guy defending wouldn’t have got shot! very sloppy. surprising for a demonstration as that would’ve been rehearsed in training many many times :slight_smile: