Defective Datatool


A few weeks back when we had the freakish 20deg feb days, thought I would blow off the winter cob webs. Battery back in bike wouldn’t start. All signs show that the battery is properly charged just the engine completely immobilised as if the engine kill switch was engaged, which it was not. eventually my troubleshooting led to a faulty alarm that stopped responding to the key fob.

Did some digging on Datatool’s site and found that the recalled this model due to the fault I experienced. Gave them a call and their response was that it can only be dealt with authorised dealers from their website who will sort out the recall and all. OK fair enough makes sense, problem is that more than half are car dealerships and the few bike shops haven’t got the slightest clue what I am on about and want to charge me full price for new alarm and fitting.

Has this happened to anyone here with datatool and how did you get it resolved.


Kcoops the authorised dealers are rulbbish.

Call Bazil on ‭07 718 73 71 01‬. He has his own company and he knows Datatool better than they do.


Thanks…Is Basil a member on this forum, what’s the name of his company ?


If you google “Remove Datatool Alarm” you’ll see loads of threads. A lot of people just rip them out when they fail. A decent chain is probably a better deterrent anyway.


I think Raceways sorted this problem for a mate of mine FOC
Raceways Motorcycles
201-203 Lower Rd, London SE16 2LW
020 7237 6494


No he’s not a member. His co is Safe n Sound. He and his partner specialise in alarms. I did a praise thread for him a while ago.

As Joby says, most guys will just tell you to rip Datatool out. Bazil knows what he’s doing.



Ok will enquire with both Bazil and Raceways. Thanks