Declare for incorrect licence plate

As you may know I got pulled the other day for an incorrect licence plate… copper didn’t like the way it was angled on the bike :crazy:

Anyhoo I got a Traffic Offence report on the day and a few days letter I received a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty - £100 and no points, traffic offence VE94134 - Driving with registration mark that does not conform to regulations

Now I’ve been on a few of the comparison websites and this code doesn’t even exist… so for something like this, does it have to be declared on insurance?

No points, no need to report it I believe.

You have to declare endorsements. If you didn’t get an endorsement for it then you don’t need to declare it - same as with a parking ticket.

That’s what I always thought but I seem to remember their wording when they ask the question on phone is ‘any offence or fpn’… Hmmm need to investigate further

It’s a non-endorsable offence, so ins co don’t need to know.

Out of interest

Was this the first occasion you were stopped for the number plate indiscretion?

How many degrees off of vertical was the plate?

Under what circumstances would it not be possible to mount the plate vertical? I ask because …

If The Regulations make allowance for motorcycles not to display a front number plate due to the body type then how is the rear of a motorcycle that much different? I wouldn’t argue that motorcycles should be exempt from displaying a rear number plate. However, could it not be argued that due to not having a body of a type which is characteristic of the body of a four-wheeled vehicle the plate was mounted in a position as close to the vertical as was reasonably practicable?

Because they make angled brackets :smiley:

But but but …

That’s way too easy :Whistling:

Here’s a photo… mudgard was taken off by previous owner and previous plate holder snapped during a power wheelie :smiley:

He didn’t mind the size, just the angle and the blue bolts… I bought them in Halfords under plate screws so assumed they were legit. He wanted ‘yellow’ even though on my GSR and most bikes I’ve seen since, they are black… He felt they were impeding view of the letters. :doze:



hmm… sounds like he pulled you for some reason but then had to
scratch around for actual hard evidence to do you.

Having number plate bolts the wrong colour may not have been
enough but having the wrong bolts and an angled plate may have
just tipped the scales, who knows?

I wouldn’t bother telling the insurance co, but who knows, insurance
companies probabaly scan forums like this :smiley:

BTW you should have yellow bolts through your plate where there
are no character lines and black bolts where there are lines :cool:

That doesn’t look to be too much of an angle or maybe the the photo is making it look nearer the vertical than it actually is, seems a little harsh.

I’d have thought swap the bolts for yellow ones and its all good, assuming there’s a white section on the underside of the tail light to illuminate the number plate.

Fook me, I ride a similar KTM and I keep my number plate in my backpack :smiley: Just tell the OB it fell off if they ask. Never had a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

But also the rear tail units are part of spray suppresion systems (mudguards)
And I love the fact that a numberplate light on a motorbike is NOT a mot requirement BUT is a legal requirement under the construction and use lighting regs …

But also the rear tail units are part of spray suppresion systems (mudguards)
And I love the fact that a numberplate light on a motorbike is NOT a mot requirement BUT is a legal requirement under the construction and use lighting regs …

I’ve put some angle brackets now to make it less angled. Just need to get new tyre on it and then hopefully sell it…

Did he measure it against some sort of calibrated device, ask him what exactly was the permitted angle?

I would argue that his opinion was not enough, what is the understood limit?

Then again, you could leave it at the £100 fine. Up to you.

Regardless of the angle, it’s small plate therefore you get fined.

Nothing small about it. Its a bill board compared to some I’ve seen!

Like I said, I don’t deny the plate does not comply with the regulations… and I paid my fine. And I’m aware if I get pulled despite the angle, someone might do me for it. But as I mentioned, the bike is being sold. His attitude is annoying but if I was to lose my temper with every plod with an attitude & power complex, I would end up in an insane asylum…

What does concern me is that I have been reading about insurers and supposedly ‘all’ FPNs should be declared if the question is worded in such a way… to the point that some people are declaring bus lane fines, parking charges etc.

The theory is that if people are prepared to disregard one driving regulation, such as bus lanes and parking, then they’ll also more likely to disregard others, such as speeding. Which, as we all know, makes them more likely to be involved in a collision and therefore a claim.