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Hello, so im trying to decide on which bike to purchase: 750 or 1000. my first bike was a 2003 R6 with the usual mods: K&N, yoshi trs, -1 +2 gears, flush mounts, speedohealer, and sliders. less than six months later and about 10k miles that bike wasnt enough so i upgraded to a 2007 R1 and kept it stock for the 16k miles i rode it in a year. i have been in two accidents, no major injuries luckily, that werent my fault. so my question is which bike would be better for daily driving and the occasional canyon or two? the R1 was almost too much for me to handle (i only weigh roughly 160lbs/72.5kg) and the 6 i could pretty much top out through the canyons in southern cali in a few months. thanks

black zx10r

Didn’t see that one coming:P

I would say firstly you must feel comfortable on it, if you already have the “fear” of a 1000cc then it will always be there in your head. I would say that going to a GSXR750 would give you everything you are after. It has more midrange than the R6 but also has as good if not better handleing.

A 750 would also be a good step up and give you back the confidence to move upto a 1000cc bike later on.

If you have the money then maybe also look at an 848, it would give you another aspect other than an IL4.

Good luck with your test rides, its all part of the fun of buying a new machine.

:nono: on the kawi, sorry mate. one problem with living in southern california, usa is they dont allow us to test bikes before we buy. too many new riders come into the dealerships saying they have ridden and end up crashing the bike. i bought both my bikes without ever riding them :w00t:
its not that im scared of the 1000, its that no matter how hard i tried, even with the rear break, i couldnt keep the front down, and in 3rd gear at 120+mph on california freeways that can get pretty hairy. i loved my r1, there were many times that my battery on my car would go dead because i would go such a long time without driving it. but considering my weight and the power of the 750 i think it would be a reasonable match. hah on my r1 i had to put the suspension, front and rear, about 4 clicks from softest and nearly 20 clicks from hardest lol

I don’t know why your weight is an issue. I weigh a similar amount to you and have no trouble keeping the front wheel down. Use your right hand, right? Goes both ways as they say! Doesn’t sound like you have the subtlety required for a thou really. Choose life…:smiley:

the reason i mentioned the weight is because im pretty sure the bike is going to react different with a 150lb rider than with a 250lb rider. the weight to power ratio is a bit more sensitive than in a car. and yes, i know what youre saying with subtly and my right hand, but thats exactly the point i was making: the bike has too much power for me to be able to go full throttle and still be “safe”. i was ust wondering if the gsxr thou would be any different than the r1

Go for a 1000. Most of the time it wont make more power than an R6, just at lowerrevs. But respect it, particularly in the wet! Otherwise it will bite your bits off! And

thats not good.


so there isnt much difference from an '07 R1 and the gsxr 1000? like i said, i put over 16000 miles on my r1, in all weather conditions, through canyons, and daily driving so im fully aware of the power of a liter bike. i really want to add a few mods like exhaust, filter, and power commander, but if im not going to be able to use the bike even close to its potential then why not just do the same mods to a 750? i’ve seen dyno runs from 1000’s and 750’s, and the 750’s with mods were only about 10hp less than the stock thou. and with my weight that would be roughly equivalent to a 210lb guy on a thou. plus the price difference for parts, insurance, initial price, and registration would probably seal the deal. thanks for your opinions

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