Decisions decisions...

Right, decided to sell my CBRF after 8months and 12,000 miles of feckin good service. :crying: Cant deal with the hassel of british plates over here and that is nothing compared to the hassel of trying to change them to italian!!

So… have found an R6 available, approx 5000km on the clock, 2005 and only E3000. Sounds good.

Slightly more km on the clock, is another CBR600, similar price, about 8000km, same year, 2005.

Now i know and love the CBR, but am tempted to try a different model. Still very much a newbie on two wheels though and not sure how the R6 rides. CBR is easy, smooth, with power down in the low revs which i like. How does the R6 compare?

Was also temptes by the GSXR750, although have been told that this might a bit too much for a newbie like me to handle…

mmmmm, decisions decisions huh? What a tough life :wink:

It all depends on what you want in a bike I would say, also, a bike being too much for a newbie… 12,000 miles in 8 months is newbie stompin. Just remember, any bike will bite if you push it too hard, it just happens quicker.

For balls out, I would say the R6, the GSXR750 was reckoned to be the most “complete” sports bike, and as you say, the CBR you know well.

Ride them all and go for what you prefer, each have their own qualities, better in different areas and the other.

(personally GSXR :smiley: )

Your road experience doesn’t classify you as a newbie. I know people who only do 2k a year for the past 2 - 3 years who run much bigger bikes.

I outgrew a CBR600F and went to a Fireblade. Nervous as hell when I first rode it, but it is beautiful and is obviously only as fast as I ride it. It’s a slightly lazier ride than the 600 as there is so much power so gear changing doesn’t happen as often, but it is a sublime ride.

I reckon that the GSXR750 is the one for you as you may get bored with another 600. (GSXR750 was my second choice behind the Fireblade. They are gorgeous).

Hi Alice,

I’ve done 11,000 miles on my ZX6R since Aug last year, I guess the ZX6R is similar to a late R6. It’s easy enough to live with but not as soft or comfortable as your CBR for longer distance.

I’ve just bought a '04 gsxr 750 and it doesn’t have the manic nature of the ZX6R, the 750 is more laid back, it’s slighly faster but the way it goes about it is different, where the ZX6R is manic, frenzied and makes you feel like you’re buzzing, the 750 is a bit more torquey and almost more refined. Not sure if that’s a Suzuki -v- Kawasaki thing or down to the difference in engine size.

I passed my test last year like you and neither bike is too much for me, throttle goes both ways and you only wind it on as fast as your brain can cope. Your CBR will probably spit you off pretty quickly if you’re ham fisted.

You’ll have to ride them, see what you like, if the R6 is like the ZX6R then it’s quite different from the GSXR 750, but you could like either :cool:


Alice, that R6 sounds very cheap - maybe too cheap. I just sold my 2005 (04 model) with 14,000 miles on the clock for £3,800.

I loved my R6 and I didn’t change because I outgrew it (it’s a loony bike capable of much more than me) I’ve just wanted an R1 since I started riding and had to wait for affordable insurance :slight_smile:

Try and get a ride on both and get what you want hun. As somebody else said, throttle goes both ways. Funnily enough, I’m a much calmer rider on the R1!!

Dont worry the R6 will be OK for you, but if you are doing serious mileage over there then maybe the CBR might be more comfy (and agree with shewoolf about the price, seems very cheap for an 05 R6…)

CHeers guys, think im gonna try and get my hands on another CBR. Am doing loads of time on the bike and need something that aint gonna make my arse sore!! If it aint broke as they say…

Hello luv…Hope all is well.

I’d take the Gixxer 750 out for a test ride before making a commitment to buy the other bikes mentioned.

See you soon.

I agree with this, apart from the bit where he calls you luv . . . :ermm: . . . how do you get away with it Afro ? :w00t:

Fool with until it is.

this might sound like comon sense but see if you can ride all your favs and go from there

How can you think of riding around all that gorgeous Italian countryside on a Japanese bike Alice.

You need a bike with soul to match the locality;)

Have a word with yourself girl;):P:D

She also needs a reliable bike :)EDIT: Actually…There are the Aprilia options.

Oi!:PYou just stick to tyres;):smiley: