Decisions, Decisions....

I just took an interesting phone call, out of the blue…one of the doctors my wife works for has a son…he had a 2004 GSX-R750 like mine…it was stolen last fall…he wants another…not a new one…but the 2004…She says that she would pay what I asked for it.

Now…I LOVE my bike…and all the mods I’ve done to it to make it “mine”…but I must admit that I’m sorely tempted to let her go…and get the 2007 black/blue 750…and start the modding process again.

I told her I’d call her later this evening to talk it over further.

Decisions, decisions…

ok, things to take into consideration.

cost of mods, cost of period being without bike, the positives of getting a 2007 750, which is beautiful!..

hmmmm…tough one, but if you could sell it for a good price, why not.

but you cant sell it for a ridiculous amount otherwise why wouldnt they just buy a 2007 one?.. i know he/she wants a 2004, but that doesnt make sense.