Decent workshop garages in SW London (Battersea - Wandsworth) or Chiswick areas

Eh up,

bit of advice please, word of mouth seems to be the best policy.

Since moving down to London town I dont as yet have a garage I can take the bike too if it needs work/MOT etc.

Noticed that the rack has a wee bit of play on my VFR and I have noticed a slight hissing noise when accelerating so figure I will stick it in for a check and change the pads out.

Does anyone have any good garage names that

A - Are trustworthy
B- Are not extortionate

I had a great garage in Scotland that had no issue passing the Vif without a baffle compared to the dealer who wouldn’t even take it in.

nothing to see here :slight_smile:

Oval Motorcycle Centre?


Highly advise…DIY with mechanic on hand…Speak to Matt or Simon…


Definitely - take it to Oval motorcycle centre, it fits your bill perfectly, you know it is trustworthy because you do it yourself! And it is cheaper than any other garage around :slight_smile:

don’t go anywhere else but OMC