Decent route to Donnington

My mate and I went to the WSB meeting and found a fairly decent route.

From North West London, pick up the A413 all the way to the A43 (near Silverstone)
Then take the A5 North (they had the section round Hinkley closed but it should be open again soon)
Take the A444 towards “Fenny Drayton”
Follow that until you reach the A42, and head towards “Ashby-de-la-Zouch” but stay on the road until you reach the signs for Donnington.

It’s obviously longer (time) than using the motorways but more fun.

We cam back a similar route, but headed off down the A43 to the M40 to get home, you could always take the M1 from the A43.


Good info, thanks mate.

I have been up those roads too. Really nice stuff.
Be careful with speed traps around Silverstone if there is a race on that day, there tend to be a few around there (A43 etc).

My favourite way out there is to go from Hemel Hemstead to Leighton Buzzard and then take the little B road from their west to Winslow. It was freshly tarmacted last summer. SWEET.

Better route after Hinckley A5 - take the A447 until you hit the A42. Much twistier. It will r0xx0rz your b0xx0rz (and you’ll pass Market Bosworth, “My Kingdom for a horse!”).

If you take the A47 from Hinckley to Earl Shilton, you’ll pass Mallory Park and then end up in Leicester (quick, run!).

Can’t fault the A413 though.

PS, the A5 goes all the way to the road works on the M1, it’s not a bad alternative to the Mway, even upto Milton Keynes. North of there, it’s a cracking fast road. Just watch for mobile camera vans on the top of hills with bends on them, usually in parking areas.