Decent Roads?

Hey all! Just wanted to know are there any decent riding roads in/around London?

Thanks for your help


potholes everywhere

there are loads of good roads just outside the M25…whereabouts are you thinking of?

I recommend you get this. I have one and use it a lot to plan rides, it has some great roads in it.

This website might also be of use.

Well I live in NW London so somewhere around there would be nice. Don’t really fancy doing Motorways on my 125:D

there are some nice roads just north of s mimms …

Get out your A-Z, and look at some of the routes off the A-M40, there are lots of rides off of there.

Can’t go wrong if you nip up the A40, come off at Denham, lots of good roads to explore round that way if you go towards Amersham and if you fancy a decent run out get on the A413 round there and go to Buckingham :slight_smile:

That doesn’t seem too far. Any specific roads round there which are good?

There are one or two which I know of in Enfield and crews hill but they are quite short. I should be getting a bigger bike (33bhp’ed) soon so I might venture further out :smiley:

Are you restricting the bike or getting the Kawasaki Ninja 250?

If you ever come down south and go to Boxhill follow the A24 to Worthing. That’s a nice route, not too many speed cameras, only two in either direction once past boxhill. There are nice roads with national speed limits. Also once in Worthing then Brighton is only 10miles from there.

The roads I remember - it’s been a long time - were unclassified roads directly north of S Mimms, and near Ridge… I can’t remember specifics, but there were loads of roads around there I used on a driving course where we practised overtaking & cornering. I’d just take a bimble and see where fate takes you…

Here in Germany there are plenty… I recommend the ferry over the tunnel, might as well make a sea voyage out of it :smiley:

that would be an adventure on a 125…

I’ve found a few roads on the way to south mimms too :smiley: I will have to try them out and go exploring soon! :w00t:

As for the bike yes restricting to 33bhp, I actually passed in Feb this year

Depends what you’re after, but I’ve found several around South Mimms, and in the area round the M25 in the other direction. Not enough for a ride using only them, though, just some nice surprises when I’ve gone the long way round to somewhere.

Yeah I went on some today around potters bar and south mimms and loved it! It’s the first time I’ve been on those type of roads, I’m going try a few more near south mimms next time. Here’s part of the route I took:



That site is quite good :slight_smile: