:We went to see Graham Coxon last nite at the Astoria (excellent gig) and with the demise of the Intrepid fox we could not find a decent local pre-gig boozer

So where are the pubs around soho which play some decent music ???

Try Belushis in Covent Garden…stonking music

I’m old and therefore out of touch

I like to agree with Andrew 100%

He is.

I’ve worked around there for 3 years and havent found a pub with decent music yet! When Im drinking the beer I like a bit of rock but theres no good places about - The Borderline is ok which is just around the corner from the Astoria but you have to pay £10 to get in so not really a pub

There’s a few decent venues, and don’t forget Camden is only 10 mins to the North.

Best Local option may be the Firkin at Great Portland Street Tube. Maybe.

We usually go to the Royal George before an Astoria gig. Decent beer and music there.

That’s about the only place I know of that’s left now - there’s the Crobar on Manette St but that’s always jammers.

That place is like an Oven though.

Worst ventilated place since my Nitro lid.

I can’t comment on your lid, but the RG is indeed an oven!!

Cheers Pete. Nice to know you’re still around.

The Ship,Wardour St, just up from The I Fox on the right,i went in there after refusing to