can anyone give me advice / tips on removing stock decals from my ybr. I hear a hairdryer works well, but would like to hear from a fellow LBer

Heat gun worked very well for me :slight_smile:

use hairdryer and once stickers are off you will have glue residue left on the pnaels get a soft cloth and spray wd40 on it and rub it on to the glue patches in a circular movement and it should remove the glue add some more wd40 if needed.

+1…Sound advice…Worked well for me in the past…

thanks chaps, sound advice all round it seems, have to give it a blast at the weekend, providing my missus doesn’t catch me with her leopard print hair dryer!

Hairdryer, wd40 and a lot of patience…wipe away the residue regularly with a soft clean cloth

Be care full of the heat setting you use, not too hot! do it inside if you can, ie take the panel off.

Angle grinder works a treat :smiley:

^^^+1!! good shout

how have you got on mate ?

Or for a better job use lighter fluid to dissolve the glue…

all done! spent the afternoon tinkering, decals came off in seconds, a lot easier than I expected, getting the residue off was the hard part. also too the exhaust off, id lost the chrome heat cover in an accident and couldn’t find a replacement, cut the brackets off from the old heat cover, cleaned it down and gave it a spray of black. bikes looking somewhat more old school which I absolutely love, looking quite decent now for a ybr 125! thanks everyone for the tips, I got some funny looks from the neighbours attaking the bike with a leopard print hairdryer! hopefully the missus didn’t mind too much, managed to avoid blowing it up!

ill take a couple pictures and put up tomorrow, thanks again everyone

decals stripped, exhaust resprayed thanks for all the advice