The Place: Boulevard Dining Room, London - three course menu with a glass of bubbly £15 per person

24th March

55-59 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 6HP

A table has been booked for 20 people for 6.30pm (that’s the only time I could get due to the size of the party) there is a bar there so could meet up a bit earlier for pre-meal drinks/C***tails

The People:

Debz - Birthday girl grimbusa - birthday girls other 'arrfwestie - confirmedSheWoolf - confirmedsuziC CharlyBR madscientist - confirmedmumg1 Elad ginger pixie - confirmedUber - confirmedblade (?)Terry-Moto (?)Dee - birthday girls little girlShane - birthday girl’s little girl’s fellaOh ********Add your name now!!! We want at least 20!!! Elvis wigs compulsory

what about a naked mud wrestling championship, i could judge!

Definitely up for it, a bit short on suggestions though

Just be gentle, im not the party animal i used to be

Actually it was my dear daughter that let the cat out of the bag

Can I request that it is open to all LB & not just the girls as that way I get someone to carry me home & make sure I dont get me breasts out too often

Elvis theme please

i will help ya keep your chickens in their coop,

no danger of mine falling out

Do you want left or right ?

Elvis theme eh?

Is there still that chinese restaurant that has the chinese Elvis impersonator? I think it was along the Old Kent Road somewhere?


Ha ha - found it

Elvis Gracelands Palace881-883 Old Kent Road, Lewisham, SE15 1NL Telephone:020 7639 3961

Aww hope you both have fun, regret AJ and I are at the coast that day - not sure on arrival time home as we are taking our boat out for the day!!

Oh NOOOOOOOO, ive always wanted to go there!! Cant you go on the Friday instead as Id love to come. Unfortunately, Ive got tickets to go see…sssshhhhh Dolly Parton in Sheffield on the 24th!

I know Debz would love that - better see what Loopy says

So come on Loopy what do you think ??

This is the website of the guy and if you go to My Secret Diary on the right hand side he mentions the Gracelands Palace restaurant which he’s at every Friday and Saturday…

…then a club after?

Sounds good to me

lewisham tho’ fkin miles from me

I think it’s more on the outskirts of Lewisham - more towards Waterloo.

But that’s not a set in stone idea… there were a few other people involved in the organisation of the night out - Clare…Shauna…

Found some more Elvis nights out though…

… really have to get back to work now

Elvis sounds fab but I will go with the majority

Well Loopy this is where we find out how popular we are or not as the case may be

So who is up for a good night out

Count me and the missus in Debz! we will even find proper elvis wigs!

Thats great

Beware!! when I see people dressed as Elvis I get ‘All shook up’