Deathwish Pedestrians

I feel for you, you have the same accent and tone that I have on camera…I swear for a moment i thought that was me shouting at the tw@t to get out of the f*cking road! :smiley:

Isn’t all london a pedestrian zone then:w00t:

How timely. This morning I had a word with some pedestrians crossing London Wall, on a red man, with a bike coming towards them having to wait for them !?? At least it saved the rider having to get off his bike.

Unfortunately I have that conversation quite a lot when I walk across London Wall.

They should be fined!!!

Idiots. What made me angry was the geezer with the bird who were crossing on a red man was laughing as if it was some kind of joke. Yeah funny mate, you could have died :doze:. The roads are dangerous places, motorcyclists are probably the most highly trained road users, there needs to be a CBT for pedestrians and Boris bikers lol.

all day every day as a courier…

dont swear at them…just rev the bike till it hits the limiter, if you do it quiick enough it makes em move pretty quick!

tho it dont always work, my pedestrain hit count was 2 when i stopped couriering, and many more were just about missed!

Makes you feel like giving a good ride-by booting.

Great camera usage! Hopefully there will be more topics like this!

I ran over a guys foot once. He just stepped out from behind a bus without looking. The great thing was that he was holding a cup of soup which he ended up wearing.

That’s part of the conversation I have with idiot pedestrians. The alternative is broken legs and arms, ruptured internal organs, a lot of gravel rash etc. etc. Do you know how much a bike weighs, would you like it on top of you?

Since getting into bikes, I have become a completely different road user far more aware whether I’m on the bike or not. I think everyone could do with doing a CBT. A bit of education never goes astray.

Thanks Premises, there will be plenty more mate, building up a nice little arsenal of footage now :smiley:

LOL at the soup :hehe: - did you catch that on camera?

lol, yeah I can imagine if you’re on the bike all day you’ll see a lot of this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my current 125 doesn’t sound too impressive when revved to the limiter hehehe, so I’ll stick with the silly horn and some f’ing and blinding till I get the next (bigger) bike :wink:

Had same problems, but we have to be very careful as they have priority no matter where and when they cross… pretty much same as cycles:(

You hit 1 and you foked.

I loved it, that guy is “Let’s go back it’s dangerous, teh woman NOOOOO I am going I don’t care you can’t stop me”

Here, none of these guys looked to their left when crossing… you’d think they are all Superman.

Is that true? I though the little red man at the pedestiran corssing is basically saying ‘don’t walk across the road because the vehicles are on a green light’.

I would have thought that if I had hit one of those pedestrians it would have been their fault for being in the middle of a road, on a kind of blind corner when the little red man is telling them to wait of the pavement?

Where on London Wall?

nice video mate :wink: looks similar to my commute to work :smiley:

Could I ask what camera where you using? The quality looks good and i probably wanna buy one because I almost got knocked off two times in two days…

It would absolve you of some of the guilt, blind corner, couldn’t see them blah blah, but if there is a pedestrian in the road, they have the right of way. Obviously, really when you think about it, otherwise it would be legal to just run people over.

Thanks, I use a Contour GPS

Premises187 started a nice thread about cameras here which has info about many different cameras in different price ranges.

I hit a pedestrian and she fell down, was a nightmare, was right before Algate East where road is pretty much 6 lanes, 3 1 waya nd 3 other way.

This girl was crossing the road between cars on the phone not looking at all, walking like in the park. I was very lucky as I had 3 different witnesses that said I did everything I could. It was also raining, so as I slammed my brakes on I stopped right before her but what she did was to put her hands out towards me and hold on my handle bars… very very stupid as my weight came forward it transfered from my bike into her hands throwing her back and hit her head on the floor. So… in reality I didn’t hit her… if you think about it.

I can’t imagine why the hell would you put your hands forward trying to stop a moving vehicle coming towards you…

Thanks Kaos, yeah it is obvious really lol :)…I got this camera in case I was in a kind of ‘legal’ situation and I might need some kind of proof. I’m no legal expert but I imagine if I had hit that couple I think the footage probably would have helped me out? Just shows how useful a camera is :slight_smile:

By the way if God forbids you do kill someone and you have enough evidence to prove that you did everything in your power to avoid the situation you will get involuntary manslaughter.

On the other hand crossing the road anywhere except on a crossing is also a crime:)) and pedestrians in theory can get fines for it.

Contour ContourGPS… wow pricey £££££££££ but footage is damn nice. How does teh GPS work? Does it give indication where you were and how fast you were going?