Dear Santa, I'm posting here because you never know!

Please may I pass on the customary Laphroaig this year in favour of some fine old XO Cognac?

Hint - get on down to Tesco where a 70 cl bottle of re-branded Brugerolle  XO Cognac can be had for less than £50 :wink:

Ho Ho Ho … have you been a good boy?

I’ve been exceptionally good

I've been exceptionally good at being bad National Treasure
I've corrected your typo

Better not leave Santa’s mince pie & glass of sherry in yer kitchen then - he may think otherwise and take the brandy back :slight_smile:

I’ll stick to the dalmore…

Santa has been and I suspect he may have glanced towards the kitchen since he left a bottle of the not so fine COURVOISIER V.S.O.P FINE COGNAC :slight_smile:

The good news is it was the full on one litre bottle. Now where did I leave the crystal glassware?