Dear Road Captain

Dear Jetstream
I have studied the photo evidence of the alleged incident and fail to see any traffic infringement :slight_smile:

Dear GSXRAng

I find Advanced riding a bit like religion (Preaching the gospel and not living by it) I would have a word with your friend and advise him/her that the best way to teach you how to ride would be to lead by example. :slight_smile:

+1 happened to me and I was near stone henge. Long lonely ride back to London :doze:

Dear Road Captain.

Can you please explain to me the correct way to mark a corner, some of the corner marking on my recent trip was atrocious:w00t:



Dear Rioting Rob
I have written many articles on this subject but to keep it brief I have listed a few pointers.

1 Your ride leader is in charge at all times and must be obeyed.
2 When asked to stop on a corner, stop at the exact point that the lead rider points to.
3 Never never ever overtake the lead rider.
4 Never assume you know the route the lead rider will take.

And remember you only have £10 to play with. :slight_smile:

Great post Road Captain,

thanks for sharing Point 3 is very apt. :slight_smile:

Point 3, Is it ok if your leader is not on the same road as you? i found myself passing our leader when he just suddenly appeared out of a side road, no idea how he got there.:smiley:

Dear Road Captain

Thank you for taking the time to consider our question.

It’s a shame that Mr Rioting Rob’s 3 minute tagging gadget was not in operation at the time. :smiley:

Oh yes it was;)

& possibly -

5 Do NOT leave your point until you are the last rider in the group (which you can tell by imminent, visual arrival of the back marker).

Dear Jetstream

I would be prepared to look into this matter further should more evidence come to light. :slight_smile:

Dear Garret

Have you been promoted to Assistant Road Captain??:w00t::smiley:

Good point Garrett not a lot of people know that. :smiley:

Dear Road Captain

I don’t often enter into ‘discussions’ on this forum but having read these recent posts felt compelled to do so !!!

Before you consider any evidence to the ‘alleged’ traffic violation, which may result in an unfavourable outcome…

If this were to be the case this may have a direct impact on any future ‘topbox’ consignments or indeed on presenting ‘certain’ allegees (???) with life time bans from obtaining any benefits from the ‘box’.

I therefore respectfully suggest that you ‘close the case’ if ever there were one !!!

Thier has never been any suggestion of any traffic violation from me, i have always been a willing recipient of said box:D and wish to remain so:D

what is this ‘highway code’ you are speaking of?

never heard of it.


dear road Captain

I would like a good tit whipping, how do I “get some” action?:blush:

Dear Dr Zaius

I can only answer questions on motocycling. :slight_smile: