Dear Road Captain

Dear Road Captain

What’s the best way to kick off another rider without causing any damage to yourself?

I know it sounds like a weird question but I had a nasty experience with a courier who knocked me off my motorcycle last august deliberately. It caused me a rather nasty knee injury, fortunately it healed up, but the other rider simply had no regard for me at all, he obviously didn’t care if I fell to my death, broke limbs…etc. So what’s the best way to knock off someone else, protecting your own safety and preserving your own life, if a situation should arise like that?

it seems you already know the answer, that dispatch rider showed you exactly how to do it…

My old instructor told me he pushed off a guy from his bicycle because he was “threatening his safety”, I was really surprised because he was Mr Sensible 2002. He said the cyclist was putting himself and him in danger by behaving like an idiot, so he was better off on the floor whilst they were stationary. Apparently it was some young guy who was taking the piss out of him and his bike through the traffic. :w00t: Smooth move.

is the moral of this story, don’t take the piss out of dispatch riders ? :slight_smile:

He wasn’t some old hand dispatcher, just a kid on a moped with a clipboard. He was wearing a tracksuit and trainers, probably just knicked it if the truth be known.

Don’t ask how I know this, but I’m told:

Method 1: You just turn into them unexpectedly and shoulder barge them avoiding bike to bike contact.

Method 2: You straight arm them on to their shoulder. (The higher the contact point, the better the leverage works for you)

Apparently this can be practised at low speed using a brick wall/fence in an alley way so you get to know what is going to be the effect on you and your riding after the impact.

I’d guess that like most “aggressive defence” you only get one shot at this so it’s probably best done with intent.

takes notes

reach out and smack their front brake hard. assuming you’re on the right side of course

ouch :pinch:

that could end badly! notes taken :stuck_out_tongue:

you should play Road Rash !! :w00t:

You could use a stun gun? That was in Road Rash, and a chain if I remember rightly…:cool:

I would like to know if the Road captain has advice on riding welsh sheep tracks?:w00t:

road captain…whats the official punishment for leaving a corner whilst suposedly marking it?

I always found that when they get next to you at the lights, hit their killswitch, and BOLT! They’ll never catch you if you take a few corners :smiley:

Dear Road Captain, should an LB member overtake you and run a red light when you have already stopped

Should you:-

A. Ignore it.

B. Go home.

C. Report them to the road captain at the first opportunity.

D. Piss in their fuel tank that evening.

Needless to say we opted for D, though Mrs J struggled to straddle a Busa with surgical accuracy.:smiley:

Apparently the combination of high alcohol to urine ratio and a lockable fuel tank negated her applaudable efforts.:stuck_out_tongue:

i really dont understand whats going on, but its really hilarious :smiley:

Bit of tit-whipping video posted up on here might smooth things over a bit;):w00t::smiley:

Dear Road Captain, is it ok to ignore double whites in Wales esp if you tend to preach advanced riding?

Dear TQ3
Leaving a corner is one of the most selfish acts you can do on a group ride. Punishment to be arranged. :slight_smile:
I also have reports of you riding in front of the lead rider, so it seams you are a persistent abuser of the group system and need a good spanking. :slight_smile:

Dear silverR6
I will send you a copy of the Highway code to study :smiley: