Dear Mr Tattoo

Or at least a part number so that I can order one? Its very perished :hehe: (w reg).

Bike starts fine now that the battery is sorted and the spark plug etc has been replaced (comes of sitting for over a year). In doing all that, I found the below and would prefer to replace it before I start using it every day :wink:

Cant wait! BOING BOING BOING :w00t:

is that the inlet side dude? il have a looky later for ya cheeky chops:D

its between the airbox and the carb…

Wouldnt worry bout it too much if its on that side :stuck_out_tongue:

best to change both of them ppg:) mine went on the lanes carb-engine & sounded like the engine detonated:w00t: if tats aint got them try jim aim motorcycles

good plan - will see what inkie has to say first :smiley:

only got inlet boots here treacle, sorry. try aims or redline doubt there dear new.

no worries, dude, thanks for looking :wink:

found sumink else while i was rumaging my draws though:P