Dear Alba....

See’ing as you were grabbing my arse all night, I have 1 question…

Did you slip a thumb in cause my arseh0le is on fire like a choir boy in a Catholic church:crazy:

cant walk properly :laugh::smiley:

oh, you and yours too? :blink:


I dont think that was Alba… probably Smiled slipped you one!

hope it wasnt u!?!?!?!?! :crying:

you have big hands…:crying:

No, I didn’t mean that…
wasn’t me, no worries!

dear Jaime,
couldnt help myself as you got such a tidy tush. shame i couldnt get your tshirt off, next time :wink:
hope you were not too sore this morning :stuck_out_tongue: :laugh:

still sore… :crying: but the hangover is gone :smiley: