Deals to be had?

Are there really any good deals to be had at the bike show? If you went last year what did you come away with that was a great buy? I’ve got some cash to burn so probably looking at a paddock stand and crash bungs. I figure that should still leave me a fair but left over what are you looking to buy?

Do your research and look at the prices of what you want before you go only that way will you know if you are getting a good deal or a REALLY good deal

I might be getting the other half a new helmet for his birthday but he has seen a few he likes and i know the prices they are going for so if i get them cheaper at the show it will be good, if not i know where to go .:smiley:

If there are two or three stands selling the item you want, play them off against eachother and save a few nuggets;)Also… If you want a paddock stand, aim for an ABBA. not cheap but the best one out there IMO:)

ah yes very good tip there i’ll have to keep that in mind. Once I get my bike looking a bit better i’ll have to come down to the bmm

Deals were thin on the ground last year, even waiving wads o’ cash about. Traders weren’t happy with poor turn out and high fees etc

Should be a different deal this year :wink:

My wife wants a KTM toaster :sick: