Deals on leathers??

Anyone know of any good deals on one or two piece leathers right now? preferably Alpinestars but open to others.

My current set is 5 years old now and I don’t think they have another binning left in them :crazy:

Rex Judd clothing give 15% LB discount :slight_smile:

Not sure where there are any sales on as I’m trying not to look and end up buying more blimmin stuff!!

I’d be interested to know too as I’ll need some if I want to take part in the next LB track day.

Laguna in Maidstone.

25% off all leathers at the moment.

Also got quite a decent selection in the ‘sale’ room.

Cheers Chenster - Will take a ganders at the weekend.

If only I could convince my mate to give me the £250 clothing voucher he got for P&H after buying the Desmo…!!!


do Laguna stock Berik leathers?
have a jacket and will be able to buy the matching troosers come payday next week :slight_smile:

yeah they do actually. One and 2 piece stuff.

they also have Dainese one pieces starting from a grand :w00t:

cool cheers, may have a look next week
just need to find someone to alter them, being a streak of wee wee n all :smiley:

EBAY if you don’t mind second hand leathers.

Only problem if you don’t fit into them :blush:

I brought cheap ones, and i’m a little too big for them - half to go back to a size 8 and not eat any “naughty” items for a while.:unsure:

I was in the Greenwich branch of J&S getting kitted out today, and the fella mentioned a jacket-and-pants combo for about £300 (the two zip together if you want, too).

The brand was something like RTS or TSR. Three letters, anyway - hope it means something to you! :wink:

I recently bought a 2 piece Alrenn Ness. got a pair of these boots. would recomend them to any one.Not sure of any deals going any where but I was happy with what I got for what I paid.New helmet next for me just not sure what to get yet.

Don’t forget i alter leathers:D:P:D


think you might mean rst? :slight_smile:
from my experience with them, there good entry level gear and rather cheap :slight_smile:

stevo (25/05/2008)

That’s the one! Thanks!

Yes, I’m going for them. Good to hear it’s decent kit from someone other than the chap selling it! And yes, there’s a deal on them… :slight_smile:

Do Infinity or Hein G stock RST jackets?