Deals Gap CSBA Rally '06


Sleeting on top of Clingmans dome

CBR that got bit by “The Dragon”

Gixxer that also got bit. Scott and girlfriend were ok, but took her to ER to checkout.

The rain stopped, finally. At the over look.

I’ve heard a lot about Deals Gap! I would love to ride it, but like the Nurburgring, it deserves the utmost amount of respect, more-so perhaps as it’s a road and not a track, so there’s no medical support or run-off nearby! Yellow gixxers looks very unwell

Yea, old yeller was DRT. Neither of the accident occurred directly on the “Dragon”. I think folks really get focused while running that strech and then relax, but all the roads in that area are dangerous if not respected.

Seen some vids of the Dragon, would love to have a crack at that. Have done the ring, Isle of Man is hopefully next and then who knows, if I ever get across that way I may take in the Dragon. Sorry site is that Gixxer, just glad that they are ok.