Dealing with anger problem

I know it’s not really bike related, but maybe someone here had a similar problem and will be able to help me.

My friend has a problem dealing with his anger. A serious problem. I would like to help him, so we were looking for some “Anger management” books on the internet etc.

Does anyone know any good / helpful ones? Or maybe a support group that doesn’t charge £50 p/h ? Any advice or prevention techniques from someone who had the same problem?

Any help is really highly appreciated!!!

i think 1st stop for anything like this is your GP. They can then refer you to the relevant people.

I wouldn’t go to the GP as the 1st course of action, as I wouldn’t really want “anger management issues” down on my medical history. Would your friend???

There are ‘self referal’ ways to get help.

Google can point you in the right direction.

I have it on good authority that there is a herbal cure for anger…

Seriously though, I would not go to a GP either (wouldn’t want it on my medical record).

if your friend feels like not going through his GP, there are of course alternative options to him, but i think that if visiting his GP is the only way, & i am sure they can assist, that would have to be done even if it does appear on his medical record.

what it will show up on there is that there were anger issues in his life, he seeked help for it, & got it.
better than hiding it all away.
that’s what a GP is for.

so it ain’t that bad at all.

best of luck to him.

We did google a lot about it, and found many books etc. But I was hoping that maybe someone used one that was better than others or knows someone that did etc. It’s just way easier to use someone else’s experience than find it on your own after spending loads of time and money just to see that this book/course was rubbish/not helpful at all.

“Herbal” cures will just make things worse. See a GP and get referred to a psychotherapist. Your medical record is private and can only be revealed to people outside the medical profession with your permission. Don’t be put off by people making stupid jokes about this problem. Good luck.

Hire the movie out for a couple of quid you could show him/her how stupid they look…