Dealer delivered my Z1000...horn doesn't work!?

So after the much anticipated delivery of my new beast today I ride home and some knob pulls out in front of me and I hit the horn…only no sound comes out!?

Correct me if I’m wrong but the dealer is supposed to carry out a pre delivery inspection ensuring the bike is roadworthy right?

If they haven’t even checked the horn what on earth have they actually done!?

It’s under warranty so the repairs will get dealt with no problem but should I be pushing for them to pay for a service or something as well? I’m not exactly confident they’ve done everything to make sure it’s in tip top shape.

Anyone know the ins and outs of exactly what their obliged to provide in their service and the potential repercussion if they don’t?

Thanks in advance guys!


IIRC they have a legal obligation to ensure the bike is roadworthy at point of sale. As discussed by others in another recent thread, the least I would suspect in order to fulfil this obligation would be a pre-delivery inspection, which amounts to a basic MOT check.

A working horn is a necessity for an MOT, so if they sold you a bike with no functioning horn then that bike is not roadworthy and should not have been sold! Not sure of the repercussions though…

Not much in the way of repercussions I’m guessing. You’ll get the old “oh, it was working fine when we checked it this morning” line, and I can’t imagine them doing anything more than fixing the horn.

Had a similar problem myself a few years back when I bought a Hornet. It had been MOT’d that morning but was chucking petrol everywhere on my ride home from the dealers. Nearly sent me up in flames :angry: They didn’t want to know and expected me to fix it myself, but one mention of VOSA soon brought them to their senses. Cheeky sods!

Not good for the dealer not doing a proper PDI on the bike… I hope they make up for it…

you should check it when you buy it too, cant always rely on the dealer, unfortunately.

or at least check bits like horn lights etc before you sign for delivery

Unfortunately the dealer was a little past Manchester so had bought without viewing but had a good chat with them, viewed pictures and video. I gave it a little look over when I signed for it (tyres, chain, lights,etc.) but the horn just wasn’t something I thought to check :ermm:

I’m going to give them a call first thing tomorrow and lay it on pretty thick, quite disappointed after all their reassuring talk to be fair…