Deaf Newbie here from Essendon, Herts

Hey Campers,

I have a GSXR600 and I live in Essendon. Trying to build up contacts to go riding with as I have just passed back in May.

Also Im Deaf but I can lipread and communicate with anyone well.

Another thing, Im the NUTS Magazine Lipreader!! :w00t:


Hello there and welcome! :smiley:

Welcome mate.

Questions is, which lips ?!

Welcome aboard fella !

Hi and welcome aboard.

At the moment i am working in Welyn and go through Essendon everyday, very nice place to live.

Hey mate, welcome.

Hi & welcome to LB.

We’re riding to Whitstable tomorrow (see “Rideouts” section)

Leaving the Ace 9.45 am , would love to see you :slight_smile:

welcome mate :smiley:

hello and welcome, ooh i say fancy reading lips…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya! :slight_smile:

Hello mate! Nice to have you onboard! ;):slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome :smiley:

Hi and Welcome to LB :slight_smile:


Good to see another Herts suzook fan:cool:

I’m not far (Cheshunt) and often to be found looning around the Essendon Bends on nice days:D

You will have to pop along to our monthly meet at The Coach and Horses in Newgate Street Village.:cool:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Welcome to LB

welcome fellow gsxr rider :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB, DeafGixxer. Hope to meet you at a Wednesday night Borough Market meet or a rideout sometime soon.

hello and welcome


Also new here.
Don’t know if you sign? I’m learning BSL, but I’m hearing.
Hopefully there will be a rideout before winter closes in :slight_smile: