Dead speedo - new cable required ?

Riding to work this morning and noticed about halfway through the journey that the speedo had stopped working :w00t:
I checked the cables and nothing’s loose.
Now I think it’s the cable as the mileometer doesn’t go up either, does this sound right ?

Didn’t realise how unnerving it is riding with no speedo, especially with the amount of speed cameras I have to go through each day :crazy:

Probably - it is usually a 30 second job to check - undo the cable at one end and see. If not, then check the drive - it is unlikly but they can sieze etc. Lastly if those are OK it can only be the dials but that is even more unlikly.

Don’t be so sure, Suzuki dials have a habit of packing up.:doze:

Could it be a result of your spill the other week?

Urgh I hope the dials haven’t died in me… I have just picked up a new speedo cable so will fit it tonight, finegrs crossed.

Big phew - it was the cable, was pretty rusty down the bottom and had snapped a foot or so from the end.


Lucky Lucky Lucky;):smiley:

Tell me about it, I’m doing OK at the moment ! Steering was rattly after the off, was praying it wasn’t knackered bearings - not an easy job to replace the s0ds from what I’ve read - luckily I was able to tighten them up which resolved the issue. Another big sigh of relief !
My attempts at bending the front fairing mounting bracket back into shape wasn’t so successful though, had to resort to ebay for that one :doze:

I was talking to Grid Girl at Brands only yesterday and her speedo has died on her SV:doze:

i think Pompey Tim has speedo problems on his gixxer too IIRC

So…yes you are lucky;)

But do bear in mind it’s a Bandit - one of the 'ardest bikes around !! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope when you replaced it you fitted it with loads of grease, some grease, and a bit of extra grease to be sure.

Sure did ! Plus a bit more.