Dead Island

Is anyone playing this?!, it’s pretty damn awesome!.. HUGE game!.. about 15hrs worth of game time just doing the main story, with all the side stories you can also do it’s probably around 25hrs! :w00t:

Plus lobbing off a few zombie heads is always good fun! :smiley:

Haven’t heard about the game (not much in the loop recently, rarely even starting Steam up nowadays…).
Screenies look like fun though.

25h isn’t much, but for an action game it’s ok I guess.

True… but im on Xbox, were lucky if we get a game where main campaign is more than 5hrs long Cough… Call of Cuty Dead Island is sort of a FPS/RPG hybrid… Surprise competitor for game of the year I think!

I was going to get it, I’m zombie obsessed! But my ex took the Xbox so I would need to buy a new one and I’m on a bit of a spending ban due to splurging 3k on a new bike and all… :Whistling:

But yeah, I’ve wanted it since I saw the trailer (which was AWESOME)

I’ll probably get it in a few weeks…

5h? And I thought BFBC2’s main campaign with 9h was ridiculous :blink:
Good then that ME3 won’t be out this year, as it’s probably one of the most anticipated FPS/RPG hybrids currently :slight_smile: