Dead (ish) bike!

Right, I tried to start up the bike this morning and no joy! Battery and ignitian seems OK but she is refusing to fire. Just moved to Hammersmith, anyone know a good garage around here? Trustworthy is essential as I’m a muppet who when it comes to mechanics doesn’t know his arse from his elbow!

If you know the area the bikes parked just over from Brook Green, anywhere close enough to wheel her too?



Turning over but not firing? Are you sure there is a spark? Simple things you can do before paying a garage - check the leads are properly connected at both ends - they can come loose. check the battery connections are tight and dry. Check it really does have fuel in it.

Kill switch?

In gear?


:blush: I’ve done that !

Cheers guys, full tank last nights fill-up. I’ll check everything on Sat before. Used to have a great place in Finsbury Park - Pit Stop on holloway road. Had real problems with the clutch locking up. chris fixed it up and charged me a fiver!:slight_smile:

When you swith on the ignition and press the starter button what happens? Does the engine turn over?

:doze:This is where I proove myself a real numpty! Err, turn over…turned the ignition on, pressed the start button, I can hear a ‘ticking’ or I presume the firing of sparks, just no igntition. I’ll have a better look on Saturday when I’ll have time, failing that I’ll need proffesional help.



If it’s just “ticking” that noise is your starter solenoid struggling to get the starter motor to work but failing due to a lack of battery power.

First thing to do is take the battery off and give it a charge before spending money on professionals.