Dead guy on a bike

The family of a Puerto Rican guy that was shot to death ,didnt give him a traditional wake, they decided to stuff him and mount him on his CBR600!!! :w00t: seriously!!

The taxidermist funeral home which performed the work is gathering a reputation for for the unusual, previously displaying a dead man standing up, like a really freaky mannequin.



Urgh - that means that they are going to keep him somewhere :sick:


Can someone do this to me please when I’m gone, and send us into a live volcano. I think that would look cool on film. :cool:

That is just macabre.

I think that’s really cool. I’m really touched by that. Quite profound, really. I mean the Egyptians believed in the ceremony of mummification and made a really big thing out of it. For him and for the family, this is a really nice way of giving a last image of someone. Something you can see them doing for all time in your own mind. So much better than him lying on his back with almost no thought about any of that. My last view of many people has been a box or lying down motionless. This way they live on in your mind’s eye. I think it’s really lovely. There is clearly no intention to offend.

Agree with all your comments Gabs, but it’s just what do they plan to do with him afterwards … sit him in the corner of the front room???

Nah, he would be cremated I suspect, or buried however the family wished. But to dress him up like this for the funeral - especially where kids are involved - is a really mature and Human gesture in my opinion. Well it made me smile and think his family must have really loved him to go to all that effort. Its clearly less intimidating for the kids like that - I mean she is taking a photo! If he was lying in open casket would she do that??!! Very cool! :smiley:

OK just looked him up - he has only been embalmed and his funeral is today and he will be buried. RIP.

(It’s just the way Pan described it, it sounded like he was given the taxidermy treatment to be kept).

would be a fu©ker to dust.

I’d prefer to do it viking style, strap me to my busa and open the throttle as I decend over Beechy Head.

just plain weird…there must be some kids in the family and they are bound not to be that keen on uncle Jim next to porcelain, jewel encrusted, leopard…

hope its a cremation, only deservedly seeing as its a h*nda!

i was waiting for him to jump out and say boo to some1, lol

Send us a few quid and yer spare Busa key & we’ll make the arrangements when necessary;):wink:

sorry for the confusion…

Have to agree with everything Gabs said.:cool:

Thats very generous of you.

Maybe there is some money to be made in bespoke funerals?

LOL @ Tel

See now you have me on Technoviking again :wink:

Too right.

Yes but the problem with that idea is you would end up drifting over Heathrow and stopping everyone from getting home from their holidays :crazy:RIP David Morales Colon. I too just read more about this and whilst I thought he looked quite old in the photo, he was only 22 years old. Very sad.

I can’t see anything wrong in that.