Dead datatool?

After freezing my little fingers to the bone Saturday night I refitted my oxford hot hand over grips to the bike today. Connected the terminals to the battery and the alarm gave its usual chirp when it’s disconnected/reconnected.
Went to disarm the bike after it was all back together and …nothing - alarms not setting at all. Key in the ignition and the warning lights come on but only a click when I hit the starter (starter motor solenoid?).

Have I fried my alarm? :crying:

Check your battery possibley flat if not then starter it shouldnt be your alarm as it is clicking suggesting that power is getting there

mine played a game similar to this last month, turned out my battery had completely discharged overnight for no reason.

Unfortunatley i dont think it the battery - it fired up 10 minutes before hand just fine, and all the lights shine bright and was given a long ride the day before so should be charged :angry:

Will stick it on the optimate overnight tonight to be sure before I commit to chasing the wires to remove the alarm :crying:

Havnt got a garage either - so it may mean cold fingers for me!!

shoulda got a grown up to fit it Ed :D:D

thats what Im gonna do

Don’t worry you aint alone.

Just do a search on here for “Datatool and Problem” and see how many threads come up;)

Best thing for it… A landfill site;):smiley:

I already had, which didn’t fill me with confidence!!

But on the upside I fixed it :slight_smile: just need some new bolts to replace the rusty ones i removed and shes fit to go :smiley:

Went through the de-spike routine and she’s all alive and alarmed again…

Technique for anyone who may have the same problem -

  1. Remove lid from main alarm unit.
  2. Remove internal battery link from PCB
  3. Remove alarm inline fuse
  4. Unplug PCB from alarm loom

Leave out for at least 6 hours to drain

With the bikes battery still in place and fully charged.

  1. Plug PCB onto loom and reinstall
  2. Replace In-Line fuse.
  3. The alarm will sound for a period of approx. 30 seconds.
  4. Allow the system to reset itself.
  5. Replace internal battery link onto PCB.
  6. Make sure all connections are complete and replace lid
  7. Disarm system as normal (this may take up to 3 presses as system realigns itself) or re-align remote by holding both buttons for 5 seconds depending on model

Hi, My datatool S4 will activate and deactivate but i have no siren sound, Will doing what was said above sort this please? I have put the bike on charge overnight and still nothing & also run the bike all day and alarm made a sound but then died again :frowning: please can someone help. Thanks

Is all this common knowledge and to be expected with alarms? Only asking as I thought an alarm was a ‘fit & forget’ and yet like posters have said there seem to be numerous problems surrounding them, Surely something can’t be right?