dead as a dodo..

the battery on the K6 that is…was fine last night…dunno whats happend there…

could it of been the weather?..

who knows…maybee somebody could shed some light on the subject for me please?


Did you leave the parking lights on? I did this once and nearly drained the battery.

it may be that when the repair centre had her they didnt bother to check or put the battery on charge, so my guess is its been sat there without being checked. Same happened to me, ive just bought a new one for mine, and m9 fitted a optimate lead for me.

could be the alarm draining the battery perhaps?

wouldnt’ be concerned with one non-starter mate. could be any number of things, could be something as simple as just doing short journeys and leaving the bike stood for long periods of time having taken more juice than you’ve put in.

optimate it and see how you go.

I agree, could have been a number of things.

Charge it up and see how ya get on.

My car battery was once completly dead one morning - a bit of a problem as we had to drive to the airport for a 7am flight!

Once the car was jumped, and charged on the journey, it has been fine ever since (since August) despite the car only being used for weekend journeys.

I can only assume that as it had been raining something wet had allowed the battery to slowly discharge itself that one time.

Would you happen to have a Datatool Alarm?

well i tested the battery for volts and it was fine…

amps…well …must of been that…

could either of been drained by the Ahhhummmm…or the Ahhemm…but who knows?

anyway…charged the thing for an hour or soo and she just fired up…dunno what went on there…

if it happends again…im gonna be maaad!!!

but not too mad…


Yes mate…It does drain the battery, but that wasn’t the problem in my case.

Before, leaving my bike any longer than 3 days without starting and riding it would have the battery dead.

Easy fix…Just took out battery and fully charged it for a day.

Problem went away.

You sure the connections wern’t lose and you didnt just tighten them when you check the battery